Delivering High Performing Talent

Time is our inventory. We don't like wasting it.

What We Offer

Contingency Search

Executive Search

Retainership Services

Our Belief

We Exist To Help You.

We believe that we are an extended arm of your HR department. We have to understand your business sincerely, speak same business language, find right talent within your budget, deliver quality with urgency in mind, offload your on-boarding pressure, and assist you in retaining candidates.

If we fail in any of these, we believe that's a poor show.

Our Values

Passion for High Performance.

Everything we do, and everything we believe in revolves around our values and the culture that we have built. Our organisational values are embedded in our foundation theme - 'Passion for High Performance'. That's like a DNA of TeamTree and the reason for our existence. We interact with our clients, prospects, and each other in a way that builds loyalty. Free of pretence and fear.

Free of bullshit.

We are comfortable being the geniuses behind the scene
but sometimes people want to know who we are